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Contemplation- Winter

In the last season of life some give up and are waiting for the end, others find peace  from a life well lived without regret. Some spend this time passing knowledge and wisdom to the next generation if they will listen. There is still joy if you will seek it and not let the pain of age overtake you.

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*Winter: Lustre, or Rage?*
From the deepness of the dark to the lightness of the dawn,
Transition occurs very late, when the reign of winter is on.
Low's the sun, and touchy is the gust
Which coaxes me hide under bedsheets, to prevent the cold getting me on.
Calmness, coldness, a clear, tensionless mind...
That's what brings to me the golden ideas to be dealt with,
And with the frost stacking outside as boulders, all whity and glittering,
It's all about comfort, enjoyment, cheers and smiling, outing the teeth.
Oh,'s not that simple:
It's tough, too, just like adversities and harshness,
And, it's mild too: not for everyone it's a blessing
When ice and fire compete to conquer our sensitiveness,
But, lastly: it's only all about feelings and how we take it for us,
Because it's only a Winter's Tale to be framed, praying it to be something golden than the expectations of all of us!!

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